Foam Fillers

Used for sealing of sheeting

Available Sizes

  • Code


    Fillers 1000/32

    Fillers 1000/32 LG

    Fillers 13/3

    Fillers 5R

    Fillers 5R LG

    Fillers BIG 6

    Fillers KS1000RW

    Fillers R32

    Fillers R33/1000

  • Description


    Duggan Profiles LTD 1000/32

    Duggan Profiles LTD 1000/32 Large Flute

    Iron Profiles 13/3

    Euroclad MW 5R

    Euroclad MW 5R Large Flute

    Fibre Cement Profiles BIG 6

    Large Kingspan Foam Fillers KS1000RW

    R32 Tegral Metal Forming LTD R32

    R33/1000 Tegral Metal Forming LTD R33/1000

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