SPIT EpomaxStyrene Free ETA Option 7 part 5 for non-cracked Concrte

SPIT Epomax

High performance vinylester resin, saves money and time on site. Strong fix, easy injection and fast curing time

Suitable for use in: Concrte, Solid brick, Solid stone, Solid block, Hollow brick, Hollow slab, Hollow block, Plasterboard and Aerated concrete

Applications: Steel framed structures, Machinery installation, Pipe work Supports, Motorway signs and Safety barriers

Features and Advantages:
- Styrene
- Fast setting and curing time (setting 6 mins, cure 40 mins at 20 deg)
- Suitable for use in diamond drilled holles
- Suitable for use in dry, humid and submerged holes

Available Sizes


    Spit Epomax Cartridge (380ml) C/W 1 Nozzle Box Qty 12

    Spit Epomax Manual Injection Tool (380ml-410ml)

    Spit Epomax Spare Nozzle

    Spit Epomax Extension Nozzle






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