Pulsa 800E Cordless Gas NailerSPIT Pulsa Gas Tools

Pulsa 800E Cordless Gas Nailer

The NEW Pulsa 800E cordless gas nailer is a secure and fast solution for fixing electrical cable management to steel and concrete.

-Cable Management:
-Skirting and dado trunking systems
-Mini trunking systems
-Metal trunking systems
-Low voltage cabling and temporary lighting
-Metal and plastic capping
-Fire resistant cabling systems (Prysmian Firefix)

Wiring Accessories
-Metal back boxes
-PVC - U back boxes
-PVC - U conduit
-Steel conduit
-Junction boxes
-Switch boxes
-Smoke detectors

Features & Benefits

Usability - Simple and Easy to Use
-Single Shot Blanking Plate - Tailor made to allow the tool to handle single shot pins (soft washered) safety.
-LED display - Visually check accurate battery state of charge and remaining fuel. Never be left wanting gas or charge.
-Start & Go - Tool sleeps after one minute of inactivity. Instant START and ready to GO activated with any motion. No battery discharge when not in use.
-Intelligent Fuel Injection - Slide in fuel locks in place and ejects easily. Fuel injection system senses temperature and doses fuel accordingly. Push in and forget gas can.
-Battery Off - A click of the battery changes the tool from LIVE to DEAD without removing gas or pins. Safety in a click, with no waste.

Productivity - Work faster than ever before
-Steel O Ring - Only 4.5kg of push down actuation force needed. Work faster, easier and less fatigued.
-Exhaust Fan - The best cooling system of any tool, expelling exhaust gases and allowing for rapid installation. Fix 2 pins per second.
-Slim & Streamlined - Access the tightest locations and great line of sight. Always makes a fix in every location.
-Depth of Drive - Simple selection of embedment depth with no tools needed. Versitiliy to fix in a variety of substrates.
-Great Ergonomics - Perfect balance right at the trigger and non-slip grip. Equally balanced for comfort and ease.

Reliability - Reliable all day every day
-Engineered Pin Guides - Thicker and harder pin guides for reliability and guidence. Increased excellent success rate.
-Dust Protection - Improved front end protection, crucial for overhead applications and dusty environments. Reduction in service intervals.
-Easy Servicing - Twist and clean rear cap and filter; quick release magazine and pin guide. Tool problem solving on site.
-2 Year Warranty - Improved engineering and increased robustness means extended two year warranty. Reliable all day every day.
-CE Marked

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